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Dairy Products Crossword Puzzle

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Dairy Products

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Across Down
4 The process by which milk and milk products are heated to destroy harmful bacteria.
7 Milk-based dessert thickened with unflavored gelatin.
8 A liquid mixture of milk and flour blended until smooth.
9 The fat portion of milk.
10 Sterilized, homogenized milk that has had some of the water removed.
11 This type of cheese has controlled amounts of bacteria, mold, yeast, or enzymes added and stored for a certain period at controlled temperatures.
12 A strach-thickened milk product used as a base for other sauces.
15 The process by which milk globules are broken into tiny particles and spread throughout milk.
18 This type of cheese is prepared for marketing as soon as the why has been removed.
19 Nonfat portion of milk, which contains most of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and sugar.
20 A preservation method that uses high temperatures than regular pasteurization. (The abbreviation)
21 This is caused when milk is overheated or an acid food is added to milk incorrectly.
22 This typ of cheese is made from various cheeses.
1 To cause a substance to absorb water.
2 Cream soup that contains pieces of seafood, vegetables, poultry, or meat and is made from unthickened milk.
3 This is a type of cultured dairy product that has flavorings or fruit added to it.
5 Some of the water is removed from milk and a sweetener is added to it.
6 Solid layer that often forms on the surface of milk during heating.
8 Burning that results in a color change.
12 Liquid part of coagulated milk.
13 Gummy substance made from the bones and connective tissues of animals.
14 A rich, thickened cream soup.
16 This type of cheese has a large portion of the milkfat replaced by vegetable oils.
17 Cooked paste of fat and flour used as the thickening agent in many sauces and gravies.
21 Solid portion of coagulated milk.
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