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Death And Resurrection OF Jesus Crossword Puzzle

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Death and Resurrection of Jesus

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Across Down
2 Who did the High Priest ask Jesus who he was?
3 What did the people want Pilate to do with Jesus?
4 When Jesus breathed on them, who did they receive?
5 What did the High Priest say that Jesus did when Jesus answered him?
11 What happened to the land when Jesus died?
12 Who did Jesus appear to on the Sunday night?
14 What was the first name of the woman who went to the tomb on Sunday?
15 What were the apostles doing when Jesus saw them on the beach?
16 What did Jesus say he would destroy?
17 Who was king at that time?
18 Who was Jesus handed over to?
21 What did the soldier say that Jesus was when Jesus died?
23 Who was the criminal that Pilate released?
25 Who came with the soldiers and betrayed Jesus?
1 Who was not present?
2 Where did Jesus and his friends go, after eating, the night before he died?
6 What did Jesus do to the soldier Peter had injured?
7 What meal did Jesus cook for them after they caught so many fish?
8 What was the meal Jesus had with his friends before he died called?
9 Where did Jesus tell the women for his apostles to go?
10 What was the man's name who gave his tomb to Jesus?
13 What emotion did Peter and Jesus share?
16 How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
19 What part of the soldier did Peter cut with his sword?
20 Who did the women see when they got to the tomb?
22 How many fish did they catch?
24 Jesus was crucified at the place of the --------
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