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Delights IN Obedience Crossword Puzzle

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Delights in Obedience

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Across Down
1 Prophet in 1 Samuel 15:1-29
7 Samuel heard cattle make this sound
10 Large animals spared by Saul
14 One who practices half hearted obedience
16 Samuel heard sheep make this sound
17 Opposite of being hypocritical
19 Group of people that God wanted to destroy
20 Small animals spared by Saul
22 Saul accidently tore this part of Samuel's robe
23 Action of obeying
24 Saul rejected the word of the _____
25 First king of Israel
26 God's instruction to Saul concerning the Amalekites
2 King of the Amalekites
3 You make these when you chose not to obey instructions
4 When God gives us instructions for life, He wants us to _______ them
5 During the attack Saul spared everythig that was_____
6 God took this position from Saul
8 God________because Saul disobeyed
9 They spared the best animals
11 If one disobeys God, they can ask God for this
12 'For rebellion is like the_____of divination,' said Samuel
13 Group of people spared by Saul
15 'To ________ is better that sacrifice,'; part of Samuel's reply to Saul
18 Samuel could not find Saul because he had gone to this place
21 Saul gathered his soldiers at this place
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