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Democratic Party Crossword Puzzle

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Democratic Party

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Across Down
5 Symbol is a donkey. HEE HAW.
8 Jefferson expanded our national borders by purchasing this.
9 The Democratic party supports regulation on these.
10 This reduced tariff rates from 41% to 27% and also created the first federal income tax.
12 Roosevelt had designed numerous programs to help America escape this.
13 Democrats cut these for every working family, but not millionaires.
14 At one time was the president of Princeton University.
15 Jefferson initiated this expedition.
17 This provided banks with loans.
20 Democrats believe same sex couples have equal treatment under law.
22 Democrats believe immigrants should learn English and pay taxes to get this.
23 Led our country trough World War II.
1 Jackson is known for representing this.
2 Democrats support the right to choose to have this, even if the mother cannot pay.
3 This president founded the democratic party.
4 Andrew Jackson led the invasion in Florida to stop this war.
6 Helped labor receive more rights.
7 This was repealed during Roosevelt's term.
11 The state Roosevelt was the Governor of.
16 Used the Indian removal act of 1830.
18 Democrats support programs that provide ______ and music education.
19 Largely credited with writing the Constitution.
21 Was president during the 'Era of Good Feelings.'
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