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Deserts Crossword Puzzle

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3 What is a common cause of death in the Sahara?
4 The driest erts support almost no __ productivity.
8 Some deserts are so hot, when it rains the water __ before it touches the ground.
9 They commonly occur in the center of __.
10 Most animals have an __ that allows them to store all their body fat in one area of their body because it is able to retain heat.
13 The worlds largest desert is __.
15 What animal can go days without food or water?
16 The desert biome can be found on every continent except __.
17 About __% of the Earth's fresh water is in the Antarctic ice cap.
18 Antarctica is the __ desert.
1 Parts of the Sahara can go __ without any rain.
2 The __ does not grow very tall so it can accommodate small animals, rodents and reptiles
5 The continental US is home to 300 million individuals. The Sahara, covering the same land area, is home to just __ million.
6 Deserts are found across the planet along two fringes parallel to the equator at 25-35 degrees latitude in both __
7 What species are particularly well suited so hot, dry conditions?
11 The worlds deserts occupy almost __-__ of the land surface.
12 Like the mountains in Antarctica, some sand-dunes in the ___ can get snow-covered.
14 The distribution of this biome is determined by the avaliability of water, generally occuring where there is less than __-__cm of rain per year.
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