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Duck's Phase Model Crossword Puzzle

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Duck's Phase Model

                  1       2          
      3                   4          
Across Down
4 In this stage, the potential breakup is made public and pacts are formed (6)
5 A point at which a partner's perception of the relationship changes (9)
6 Not content or happy with something - the road to break-up begins once a partner realises they are experiencing this (12)
7 Number of distinct phases in relationship breakdown (4)
8 A term used by La Gaipa (1982), each partner seeks to maintain this by blaming anything but themselves for the breakup (6,6)
9 The stage in which the dissatisfied partner broods on the reasons the relationship isn't working (12)
10 Important in the social and grave-dressing phases, pieces of information traded between partner's friends in conversation (6)
1 The stage where the two partners confront each other on the relationship (6)
2 Having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason - in the second phase the partner concludes they would be _______ in withdrawing (9)
3 This stage involves 'spinning' a favourable story in order to save face (13)
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