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Early Childhood Crossword Puzzle

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Early Childhood

Hey kids! Can you help me solve this puzzle!

                2 3              
4     5       6                  
          7                   8  
11 12               13         14   15
Across Down
2 its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. What do you need on this rainy day?
4 You sit too long on this comfy place and you might fall asleep!
6 Hear it Roar! Roar! Mighty and strong!
9 3 sides and very pointy, like an icicle out in the winter!
10 A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
11 drawing is so much fun! You use these for art and to make things colorful!
13 At recess time, you can reach the sky with this set if you swing with all your might!
1 the sky, is a nice color!
3 On these you can climb. Climb, climb, climb, all the way to the top!
5 a shape, very round. Careful it might roll away!
7 up, up and away! Look at it go, into the sky!
8 Yummy, yummy, good for your tummy!
12 the color of a firetruck, an apple, and a raincoat!
14 It sits, its thinking, about where to go next. Uh oh, it can't move!
15 Max and Ruby are singing a song, won't you play along!
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