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Early Exploration OF The New World Crossword Puzzle

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Early Exploration of the New World

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Across Down
3 The civilization conquered by Pizzarro.
6 Columbus' nationality.
7 Holy drink of the Aztecs.
8 Spanish equivilant of Anthony
9 In Game Theory it is a game in which someone must win while the other must lose.
10 These types of animals were brought to the New World by Europeans.
11 Modern-day location of the Inca empire.
13 Economic system emphasizing economic nationalism, domestic production, colonialism and high tariffs.
14 The name of the route from Africa to the Carribbean and the southern US.
17 Island that Columbus named after the country he was sailing for.
19 Spanish conqueror of the Aztecs.
20 One of the major exports of the Carribbean during this time period.
22 The development of this (a prerequisite for civilization) possibly led to the development of slavery as an institution in ancient times.
23 The oldest continually lived in settlement within the continental US.
27 Country that established the Jamestown colony.
28 Where Columbus was trying to reach.
29 The major export of Africa during this time period.
30 Type of slavery in which the enslaved are tied to property (land).
31 A game bird exported from the New World.
1 US state that was home to Jamestown.
2 Cash crop of Virginia.
4 Modern-day location of the Aztec empire.
5 One of the main manufactured goods traded to African kings in exchange for slaves.
7 The worldwide distribution of food and culture caused by exploration of the New World.
8 The mountain range from whence potatoes originate.
12 The main area of Portuguese influence in the New World.
15 Chemical symbol for the valuable element found in abundance in Mexico.
16 Chemical symbol for the valuable 'G' element that was sought by many explorers.
18 The American Southwest was settled mainly by _____ rather than conquistadors, hence many of the name.
19 Reason for the founding of the Jamestown colony.
21 Type of slavery in which the enslaved are viewed as property.
23 A disease that wiped out large numbers of natives in the New World.
24 Geometric figure used to describe commerce between Europe, Africa and the New World.
25 It is fair to say that Columbus acted as a(n) ____ on his first voyage but a conquerer or the subsequent ones.
26 English equivilant of Diego
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