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Earth's Landforms Crossword Puzzle

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Earth's Landforms

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Across Down
7 the height of the land above sea level
9 a map that uses lines to show elevation
11 place where a body of water meets land
13 a wide, flat area of the ocean floor, covers about 40 percent of the ocean floor
14 an area with very little precipitation
16 a small river or a stream
17 a narrow body of water off of a larger body of water
18 a physical feature of Earth's surface
20 a pernament reference point for an elevation left by a surveyor
22 a mound or ridge of sand
23 a landform that is lower and rounder than a mountain
1 a person who takes measurements of the land
2 a mass of land that forms at the mouth of a river
3 a wide, flat area
4 the land along the edge of a body of water
5 an underwater mountain
6 underwater mountain ranges
8 place where river water and ocean water meet
10 a landform that rises high above the ground
12 a deep valley with high, steep sides
15 a map that uses shading to show elevations
19 deepest parts of the ocean floor
21 lines that indicate how steep or gradual a slop is on a topographic map
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