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Earth's Plates Crossword Puzzle

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Earth's Plates

Use the clues given to fill in the blanks.

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Across Down
1 Marie _______________ mapped the ocean floor.
4 A break in Earth's crust where plates have slipped past each other.
5 When two plates push together, it is called a _________________ boundary.
8 Pillow lava is a form of _______________ material.
9 This happens at a deep-ocean trench.
12 A once living thing preserved in a rock.
13 When two boundaries pull apart, it is called a _____________ boundary.
14 A _________ valley is a valley that happens then two plates pull apart on land.
16 Sea-floor ________________ is when new rock is formed and moves across the ocean floor and into a deep-ocean trench.
18 A ___________-ocean trench is a trench underwater. This is where subduction occurs.
1 When two plated slide past each other, it is called a _____________ boundary.
2 Scientists use _____________ samples to learn more about sea-floor spreading.
3 Scientists use magnetic ___________ to learn about the magnetic pattern on the ocean floor.
5 Wegener called it _____________ drift, when our continents move.
6 Plate ____________ is the theory that the Earth's plates are constantly moving.
7 A point where one thing ends and another begins is called a _____________.
10 ________________ is lava that is underground.
11 Pieces of Earth that are separated by cracks.
15 Mid-ocean ____________ are underwater mountains.
17 Wegener called _____________ the supercontinent.
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