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Earth A Lithosphere Crossword Puzzle

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Earth a Lithosphere

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3 The study of earthquakes
5 Boundary separating the earth's inner core from the outer core
6 An earthquake measuring instrument
7 A mountain formed by accumulating lava; sometimes causes earthquakes
10 Plates collide, but they buckle, creating mountains
12 A scientific theory, saying that earth’s lithosphere is thought to be fragmented into several different sections, which 'float' on the plastic rock of the asthenosphere
14 A theory about earthquakes, illustrating two sections of rocks moving relative to one another, bending in response to the conflicting forces, eventually breaking free of each other and 'rebounding' back to their original shape.
15 The upper part of the mantle, which is solid rock, and the crust above it
16 earth’s plates diverge from each other, as magma escapes from the mantle, creating new crust; usually happens in the middle of the ocean floor
17 Small portion of mantle under the lithosphere
18 Two plates collide, one slides under the other, creating a trench with mountains on one side, and the crust melts into the mantle.
1 Vibrations along the earth's fault resulting from various causes, including volcanic activity or other causes
2 Earthquake begins on this point
4 Boundary between the earth's crust and mantle, discovered by a Croatian scientist
8 Rock which is somewhat like a liquid and a solid
9 Point directly above earthquake's focus
11 When plates slide against each other, the sides are not destroyed, causing earthquakes
13 The boundary of two sections of rock, which move relative to each other
18 An idea that all the continents in the world initially fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, forming a giant supercontinent.
19 Earth's solid inner region
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