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Earth History Crossword Puzzle

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Earth History

Solve the puzzle below

                                              1   2            
                            3         4           5            
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              12                                   13            
            17     18                     19         20            
                24                     25   26                    
      28         29       30   31   32                              
Across Down
3 The remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock.
5 A core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet
9 The process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents
11 A method of dating rocks and minerals using radioactive isotopes
13 A period of time in history or a person's life
14 The process of determining an age on a specified chronology in archaeology and geology
15 The formation of new areas of oceanic crust, which occurs through the upwelling of magma at midocean ridges and its subsequent outward movement on either side
18 A system of chronological dating that relates geological strata
22 The two sub-layers of the earth's crust
23 Types of rock that are formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation of that material at the Earth's surface and within bodies of water
24 A type of rock which has been changed by extreme heat and pressure
28 The first geological time period of the Paleozoic Era
33 Each of the several rigid pieces of the earth's lithosphere that together make up the earth's surface
34 The upward movement of part of the earth's surface
35 A mixture of molten or semi-molten rock
1 The science of determining the relative order of past events
2 An underwater mountain range, formed by plate tectonics
4 The rigid outer part of the earth, consisting of the crust and upper mantle
6 The earliest 4.06 billion years of Earth's history and before the current Phanerozoic Eon
7 Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid
8 A rupture in the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface.
10 A basic law of geochronology, stating that in any undisturbed sequence of rocks deposited in layers, the youngest layer is on top and the oldest on bottom, each layer being younger than the one beneath it and older than the one above it
12 Be broken by a fault or faults
16 Hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this
17 The science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it
19 An indefinite and very long period of time
20 A long and distinct period of history
21 A length or portion of time
25 An idealized cycle of processes undergone by rocks in the earth's crust, involving igneous intrusion, uplift, erosion, transportation, deposition as sedimentary rock, metamorphism, remelting, and further igneous intrusion.
26 The outermost layer of rock of which a planet consists
27 The various mechanical and chemical processes that cause exposed rock to decompose
29 Formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.
30 The state or process of a species, family, or larger group being or becoming extinct
31 A fossil that is useful for dating and correlating the strata in which it is found
32 The geological process in which sediments, soil and rocks are added to a landform or land mass
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