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Earth Science Crossword Puzzle

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Earth Science

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Across Down
2 occurs where 2 plates are sliding past each other in opposite directions with little up or down motion
3 ajor geological event that occurs when continental plates of equal density converge
5 Major geological events that occur when a dense plate subducts below a less dense plate as they converge
6 Huge pieces of lithosphere that slowly move on the asthenosphere, and consist of the
7 The sphere of solid nickel and iron at the center of Earth
8 occurs where 2 plates come together
9 The cool, rigid, outermost layer of Earth consists of the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle
10 occurs where 2 plates pull apart
11 an upper layer of the mantle that causes movement of the lithosphere because of its plasticity
12 The thin solid outermost layer of Earth; made of less dense silicates
14 Major geological events that occur when plates shift suddenly and release stored energy; a frequent occurrence at transform boundaries
15 ovement of plates create dense oceanic crust that sinks lower in the asthenosphere than the less dense continental crust, resulting in depressions on Earth's surface that fill with water
1 Occurs when one plate is denser than another and is forced below as the two plates converge at their boundary
2 the slow movement of Earth's plates produces volcanoes, mountain ranges, earthquakes and features on the ocean floor
4 The outer shell of Earth’s core; is made of liquid nickel and iron
13 The solid layer of Earth between the crust and the core; made of dense silicates
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