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Earth Science Crossword Puzzle

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Earth Science

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Across Down
5 a flat topped underwater peak
6 hot, molten rock beneath the earths crust
8 wearing away of rock by water or wind
9 scientist who studies and interprets earthquake activity
10 igneous rock formed by pushing magma to the surface and cooling
11 magma the comes above the earths surface
12 rock formed from igneeous or sedimentary rock under intense heat and pressure
13 igneous rock formed within the earths crust
14 a mixture of disinigrated rock and organic material
15 rock formed by layers of material being pressed together
17 scientific theory that attemps to explain continental drift
21 layer of earth just below the crust
1 a large crack in the earths surface
2 rock forms when magma cools
3 level to which underground water rises
4 unweathered rok that liesbbelow soil layers
7 shallow ocean floor next to continental mass
16 inorganic elements that exist naturally on earth
18 layer of the atmosphere just above the earths surface
19 physical features of a land surface
20 the way a rock or mineral breaks
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