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Earth Sciences Crossword Puzzle

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Earth Sciences

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Across Down
3 An area to indicate no record of earthquakes
6 Fragments less than 2 mm(about 1/8inch) in diameter of lava or rock blasted into the air by volcanic explosions
7 A steep-sided mound that forms when very viscous lava is extruded from a volcanic vent
8 A break in rock due to shearing, where rocks on either side of the fault surface move past each other with little upward or downward movement
9 The maximum heigth of a wave crest or depth of a trough
10 A plastic-like layer below the lithosphere
11 A break in rock due to compression, where rocks above the fault surface move upward and over the rocks below the fault surface
13 A scientist who studies earthquakes and seismic waves
15 Waves that travel away from an earthquake's focus and move through earth by causing particles in rock to vibrate at right angles to the direction of the wave
16 A group of volcanoes located in the Pacific Ocean
17 An underwater mountain range where magma cools from new ocean crust
19 The measure of the energy released by an earthquake
1 A solid, igneous core of a volcano left behind when a volcano stops erupting
2 Waves that travel away from the earthquake's focus and cause materials in rock to move back and fourth in the same direction as the wave
4 A medium-colored dark gray volcanic rock containing 53-63% silica with a moderate viscosity when in a molten state
5 Bits of rock or solidified lava dropped from the air
8 The theory that magma from below Earth's crust is forced upward toward the surface at a mid-ocean ridge forming new seafloor
12 A small tremor that comes from a larger earthquake or main shock
14 An opening on earth's surface where magma is forced up and flows out as lava
18 An instrusive igneous rock body formed when magma is squeezed into a vertical crack that cuts across rock layers and hardens
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