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Earthquake Crossword Puzzle

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Fill in each section to the best of your ability using your understanding of earthquakes.

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Across Down
5 The way a secondary wave moves. Similar to an audience at a stadium doing the wave. Particles move in a strictly vertical motion.
7 Boundary type similar to a normal fault.
8 Type of earthquake not able to be felt.
10 Outermost layer of the Earth where faults occur.
11 Measurement of the amount of energy released during an earthquake.
12 Measurement of the strength of an earthquake that fixed and replaced the Richter scale. (2 words)
13 Type of surface wave that moves similar to a ripples of water in the ocean.
16 Type of wave that is able to go through all layers of the Earth.
17 Old and complicated way of measuring the strength of an earthquake. (2 words)
18 Location of the earthquake on the surface.
19 Mathematical scale that results in different intervals as we progress from one level to the next.
20 Type of fault in which rock slides past rock. (2 words)
23 Most destructive type of wave.
24 Compared to the epicenter, the focus is located directly __________________ .
25 Surface waves are the __________________ type of waves.
26 Device used to measure the intensity of an earthquake.
27 Type of wave that cannot travel through liquids.
28 The way a primary wave moves. Similar to an accordion with a squeezing and relaxing pattern.
29 Earthquakes occur most commonly near these. (2 words)
32 Where the San Andreas fault line is located.
35 A fracture or crack within the Earth's crust that allows movement.
36 Type of surface wave that moves similar to a snake with horizontal motion.
37 Boundary type similar to a strike-slip fault.
1 School days left until break not counting today (12/9/16)
2 True location of the earthquake.
3 Result of a violent earthquake. Used to determine where an earthquake falls on the MM scale.
4 A sudden and violent shaking of the ground as a result of movement within the Earth's crust.
6 Type of shaking on a seismograph that produces a baseline.
9 True (ttt) or false (fff)? Faults can happen in the middle of tectonic plates.
10 Boundary type similar to a reverse fault.
12 Measurement scale for earthquakes that is most easily understood by the public. (2 words)
14 Another name for the focus with a prefix meaning beneath or below.
15 Type of fault in which rocks push together.
21 What is released by an earthquake. Also why you are supposed to eat breakfast!
22 Type of fault in which rocks pull apart.
30 The amount of shaking on a seismograph. Represented by the height of the largest spike.
31 Most famous example of a strike-slip fault. (2 words)
33 Primary waves are the __________________ type of waves.
34 Seismic zone in the Midwest that produces earthquakes that can be felt here in Iowa. (2 words)
38 True (ttt) or false (fff)? Earthquakes only happen once every few years.
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