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Earthquakes Crossword Puzzle

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Read the hints and put the best word in the spaces

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Across Down
9 rates the total energy of earthquakes
10 a number that shows earthquake's size: the total amount of energy released
12 mountains formed from tension in Earth's crust
15 earliest magnitude scale
16 Pushes against rock (a type of stress)
18 This fault forms along a convergent boundary
19 L waves
20 a state in America that has the most number of earthquakes
23 shearing occurs along this type of fault
24 tension occurs along this type of fault
25 Vibrations
1 pattern of lines
2 instrument that records earthquakes
3 a fold in rock that bends upward
4 vast area of geologic activity
5 Point above the focus
6 shaking resulting from movement of rock
7 a fold in rock that bends downward to form a V shape
8 large, flat, elevated areas of land
9 rates the amount of shaking from earthquakes
11 the point where the crust begins to break resulting in an earthquake
13 Pulls rock to thin it out in the middle (a type of stress)
14 Pulls rock in opposite directions (a type of stress)
17 bends in rock that form from compression
21 compress and expand the ground(seismic waves)
22 A force that acts on rock to changes its shape or volume
25 Secondary waves
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