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Earthquakes & Volcanoes Crossword Puzzle

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Earthquakes & Volcanoes

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Across Down
5 a vent in Earth's crust through which molten rock flows
6 seismic wave that causes the ground to move in a rolling motion and is the slowest
8 a scale that measures intensity based on eyewitness accounts of damage
10 large steep sided volcano with explosive eruptions
11 the measurement of a liquids resistance to flow
12 energy that travels as vibrations on and in Earth
13 type of fault associated with a divergent plate boundary
14 a scientist who studies earthquakes
15 vibrations caused by a sudden release of energy in the earth's crust
16 an instrument used to record seismic waves
21 a crack or fracture in Earth's crust
22 a giant sea wave
1 type of fault where two blocks of rock slide horizontally past each other
2 molten rock stored beneath Earth's surface
3 the location inside Earth where the earthquake first began
4 molten rock that erupts onto Earth's surface
7 measures the strength of an earthquake
9 the location on earth's surface directly above the focus
17 a measure of the effects of an earthquake
18 a measure of the strength of an earthquake
19 type of fault that squeezes the rock until it folds or breaks
20 seismic wave that causes the ground to stretch and compress and is the fastest
23 large volcano with gentle slopes of basaltic lava
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