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Earthquakes And Volcanoes Crossword Puzzle

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

  8                     9          
Across Down
3 A mountain that forms as continental crust is compressed and rocks bend into large folds.
4 Molten rock that reaches a planetís surface through a volcano.
5 A process in which the shaking of ground causes loose, wet soil to act like a liquid.
6 A fracture in Earthís lithosphere along which blocks of rock move past each other.
8 A dense cloud of superheated gases and rock fragments that moves quickly downhill from an erupting volcano.
10 An instrument that constantly records ground movements.
11 A water wave caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or landslide.
12 A shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement of large blocks of rocks along a fault.
13 The vibrations caused by an earthquake.
1 A recording of seismic waves.
2 The point on Earthís surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.
3 A mountain that forms as blocks of rock move up or down along normal faults in areas where the lithosphere is being pulled apart.
7 An opening in the crust through which molten rock, rock fragments, and hot gases erupt.
9 In an earthquake, the point underground where the rocks first begin to move.
13 The forces applied by an object pressing on, pulling on, or pushing against another object.
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