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Earths History Crossword Puzzle

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Earths History

                              1 2                                  
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Across Down
1 Ridges pieces that together make up earths surface
3 A devision of time that is a subdevision of a period
6 An indefinitely long period of time; age
8 A length or portion of time
9 A brake and a body of rock
13 One of the three main rock groups
15 Law that states that in a sequence of rocks the youngest layer is on top and oldest on bottom
17 Impression of a prehistoric organism
18 the first geological time period in the Paleozoic era!
20 A method of dating rocks and minerals
21 Also called lithospheric plate
22 The outermost solid shell of a rocky planet
26 A result of a transformation of a pre-existing rock
27 Underwater mountain system
28 Formation of new areas of oceanic crust
30 What is he process of determining an age in archaeology
31 A long and distinct period of history
32 What is the science of determining the order of past events
2 The ridged outer part of the earth
4 Also called zone fossil
5 A rupture in the crust of a planet
7 To elevate or to raise something up
10 Is a system of chronological dating used by geologist
11 The state of a species becoming extinct
12 What is the earliest 4.6 billion years of earths history called?
14 These rocks crystallize below earths surface
16 Molten rock expelled by a volcano
19 A mixture of molten rock and solids that is found beneath the surface of earth
23 Matter that settles at the bottom of a liquid
24 A change in appearance or texture because of exposure to air
25 Gradual destruction
29 The study of solid earth
32 A group of changes where rocks change into other forms
33 A core sample removed from an ice sheet
34 A formal statement to be used as evidence
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