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Ecological Interactions Crossword Puzzle

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Ecological Interactions

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Across Down
4 an organismís particular role or how it fits into an ecosystem
6 the pattern of overlapping food chains in an ecosystem
7 an interaction in which one organism benefits and the other organism is not affected
9 the number of animals that can obtain food and shelter from the environment in a given area; the ability of an environment to support its animal population
10 an organism that feeds on plants or other animals
11 organisms in an ecosystem work together to survive
12 shows how the energy in food is passed from one organism to another in an ecosystem
13 nonliving things in the environment, including soil, water, temperature, air, light, wind, and minerals
15 all the living and nonliving things that interact in an area
16 an interaction in which one organism hunts and kills another animal for food
17 living things in the environment, such as plants and animals
18 a habitat where animals live on land
20 a factor in the ecosystem that keeps a population from growing too large
22 used to show the amount of food that is available to be eaten by another organism at the next level of a food chain
26 the area in which an animal or plant normally lives
27 a group of similar organisms whose members can mate with one another and produce fertile offspring
1 an interaction in which both organisms benefit
2 an organism that eats other consumers
3 a living thing
5 all the populations that live in an area at the same time
7 the struggle between organisms for the limited resources in a habitat
8 is an organism that eats a primary consumer as its food source
14 a close relationship between two organisms in which at least one of the organisms benefits
19 an interaction in which one organism benefits and the other organism is harmed
21 an organism that each only producers
23 organisms of one species living in the same place at the same time
24 a characteristic that helps and organism survive in its environment and reproduce
25 an organism that eats the remains of dead plants or animals
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