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Ecosystem Interaction And Change Crossword Puzzle

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Ecosystem Interaction and Change

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Across Down
2 the movement of food energy in an ecosystem is called a food ____________
5 the hunted
6 the number of individual organisms at each level of a food chain creates a ____________ of numbers
8 the species is still alive but does not live in some areas where it once lived
9 the species has completely died out
11 meat eater
12 a species that is likely to become endangered if the factors affecting its low numbers continue is said to be ____________
13 rots or decays dead plants and animals
14 the process whereby new species of plants and animals move into an ecosystem
18 a species that is in immediate danger of extinction or extirpation is said to be ____________
1 eats dead animals which it did not kill
3 plant eater
4 eats both plants and animals
7 an organism which makes its own food through photosynthesis
8 the process whereby lakes change as they grow older
10 this type of succession happens in an area that was previously barren rock
15 an organism which eats other organisms
16 the hunter
17 this type of succession happens in an area that has been damaged but still has soil
19 the job or purpose that an organism has in an ecosystem
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