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Elements OF Music Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Music

Write the correct vocabulary word in the crossword for each definition.

      1   2   3                
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Across Down
6 Two or more notes that sound good together when sung or played at the same time.
9 A form of music with the pattern in which the first and last sections are the same and the middle section is different.
10 The combinations of long and short sounds that occur within a beat; it is the most basic element of music.
11 The syllables of a scale that we sing, often using hand signs.
13 A type of harmony produced by playing a combination of pitches at the same time.
1 High or low musical tones based upon vibrations.
2 The tone color of an instrument's sound, or how bright or rich the sound is.
3 Singing or playing the same melody together at the same time.
4 how loud or soft the music is sung or played.
5 The upward and downward movement of pitches by steps and skips, combined with rhythm; it is the tune of a song.
7 The pulse of the music.
8 How fast or slow the beat goes in music.
10 A form of song in which different groups sing the same melody, but start at different times.
12 The overall pattern and order of a musical piece based on its same and different sections.
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