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Elements OF Music Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Music

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Across Down
2 degree of loudness or softness of music
4 large interval leap
6 3 part form based on statement, contrast or departure, and repetition ABA
8 same music but different words
9 one line of music
11 string that produces sound
12 even groups of two segments
13 structure of music based on repetition, contrast, and variation
15 discordant resolution-needed tones
16 even groups of three segments
19 drum
23 rate of speed or pace of music
25 short rhythmic repeated melody
26 more than one melody occuring at the same time
27 small interval leap
29 resting of at end of phrase
1 melody repeated by another voice or texture
3 combination of notes and the relationship of intervals and chords
5 material that produces sound itself
7 how the melody moves
10 beats that subdivide into smaller, irregular groups
14 2 binary form each section repeated
17 concordant harmonious tones that are stable and or relaxing
18 device used to indicate the tempo at regular beats and adjustable speeds
20 air or wind produces sound
21 line of melody with accompaniment
22 sustained sounding of one or several tones for harmonic support
24 highest of lowest note
28 simultaneous combination of 3 or more tones that makes harmony
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