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Elephant And Piggie Adventures Crossword Puzzle

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Elephant and Piggie Adventures

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Across Down
3 What animal inspires Elephant and Piggie to play in the rain?
6 What is Elephants name?
7 What makes Gerald sneeze?
8 What does Piggie want Gerald to listen to him play?
11 What is another word for a pig?
12 What month is Gerald's birthday?
13 How many total Elephant and Piggie books are there?
14 What animal helps piggie fly?
17 Why does Piggie have to go?
18 What happens when Gerald whats to play?
19 What is another word for an elephant?
21 How did Gerald break his trunk?
22 Piggie says what as a cowboy?
23 What do you say on Happy Pig Day?
24 What should Gerald do before it melts?
25 What does Gerald have when he thinks he is allergic to pigs?
26 What color are Piggie's speech bubbles?
1 How many baby birds are born on Gerald's head?
2 Whats on Gerald's head?
4 What is the last thing that piggie dresses up as to make Gerald happy?
5 What is Gerald not good at?
7 What is the happiest day of the year?
9 What is the full title of the first Elephant and Piggie Book?
10 What month is Piggie's birthday?
11 What is Piggie's specially made treat, surrounded by flies?
14 What did hippos sister play on Gerald's trunk?
15 What does Gerald want to show Piggie after he has waited for the stars?
16 What is the title of the last Elephant and Piggie Book?
20 Author of Elephant and Piggie books
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