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Emotions Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 You feel this when you have nothing to do
5 Many people feel this when they do not have coffee in the morning
6 When waiting for someone, it is best to be this
9 When you feel this way, you might cause a little bit of trouble
11 Christians are encouraged to be this all the time, but especially during Lent
13 If you win the war, you are this
14 Before making decisions it is a good idea to be this
17 The opposite of awful
21 Children often act this way to make grown ups laugh
1 Don't worry. Be __________!
2 Many people feel this if they have to speak in front of a crowd
4 People who are disrespectful and loud are also this
7 The opposite of guilty
8 The feeling you get when your plans fall apart
10 You might feel this when someone hurts your feelings
12 How you feel when you are looking forward to something
15 People who worry a lot are sometimes labeled this
16 This is a feeling and a woman's name
18 This is a feeling and a man's name
19 Everybody needs this
20 This feeling rhymes with some
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