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Enjoying Music Crossword Puzzle

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Enjoying Music

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Across Down
3 The instrument with many parts which keeps the rhythm of band.
4 The primary instrument in Classical Music.
5 This is a popular kind of music that uses guitars and lots of singing.
6 The most common kind of music. You can hear it on the radio very easily.
8 Complicated music that is played in small groups with special rules.
9 A big group of musicians who play Classical Music together.
11 The 'sexy' instrument that is more common in older kinds of music.
12 Someone who writes music.
13 The low, deep sound that comes from nightclubs. This is also an instrument.
15 The thing that musicians play.
18 A style of music where the singer speaks words to a strong beat.
19 Music from America that comes from the countryside, popular with farmers.
22 The main instrument in many kinds of music, with six strings.
24 A collection of songs.
1 This is a common instrument that has a high sound, which can be heard in Ska music.
2 An event where music is played.
7 The kind of music you hear in a nightclub.
10 A kind of music which has distorted sounds and angry yelling.
14 The person who uses his/her voice as an instrument.
16 Someone who plays music.
17 The name for the sound that people dance to.
20 The time of music. It describes when notes happen.
21 An instrument that has white and black keys.
23 A traditional style of music from the people of a country, usually from the mountains or farms.
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