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Environmental Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 A change made to an organism to make it more suitable to its environment
2 Transfer of thermal energy through direct contact
4 The trapping of the sunís warmth inside the atmosphere
5 Sequence of conditions water goes through, from vapour in the atmosphere, to precipitation on land and water surfaces, and then back into the atmosphere
6 Summary of average temperature and precipitation each month in a certain location
8 6 convection currents that move energy and moisture around the world
9 Is the solid part of the atmosphere
12 Tundra, taiga, deciduous forest, grassland, rainforest, desert
14 All the water on the earth
1 This causes the seasons
3 Caused by air mass, thermal energy, and moisture content
7 Weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
10 Emission of energy as waves or particles
11 Transfer of thermal energy through the movement of particles
13 Geographical area filled with specific plants and animals
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