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Environmental Ethics Crossword Puzzle

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Environmental Ethics

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Across Down
8 the duty not to do harm any entity in natural world that has inherent worth
9 a covenanted imperative from God to man involving nature
10 the life-centered system of environmental ethics
11 a holistic environmental philosophy
12 the ethical theory espoused by Peter Singer
13 the value an entity possesses because of its usefulness, as a means to an end
15 a kind of discrimination Singer sees we have against nonhuman animals
1 having obligations involving some entities
2 the social institution Lynn White blames for man's arrogant attitude towards nature
3 prohibits human actions that involve deception among animals—to remain faithful to their assumed trust
4 intrinsic
5 human-centered outlook
6 the focus of moral significance in Ecocentrism
7 the capacity to experience pain and pleasure
14 having obligations to some entities
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