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Environmental Protection Crossword Puzzle

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Environmental Protection

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Across Down
2 happening in or relating to the countryside, not the city
6 to continue to live after an accident, war, or illness
7 more or less than a number or amount; roughly; nearly, almost
8 someone who does a job willingly without being paid
9 to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price
11 to make something continue in the same way as before
12 a part of the sea that is partly enclosed by a curve in the land
13 an animal that may soon no longer exist because there are so few of them
14 a large area of land that has never been developed or farmed
16 the people and things that are around you in your life
17 the type of place where an animal or plant usually lives or grows
18 to make air, water, soil etc dangerously dirty and not suitable for people to use
1 a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valley
3 to allow
4 something, especially money, that you give to a person or an organization in order to help them
5 to save
6 being alone, not belonging to a group
7 a place where you stay for a holiday
10 to keep animals or plants in order to produce babies or new plants
15 relating to the city life
16 a type of animal or plant which does not exist anymore
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