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Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

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Environmental Science

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1 the position or function of an organism in a community of plants and animals
7 The zone of air, land and water at the surface of the earth that is occupied by organisms.
9 A step in the movement of energy through an ecosystem
10 the study of home (earth and the interconnections of organisms)
12 Any group of individuals, usually of a single species, occupying a given area at the same time;
13 The power to perform chemical, mechanical, electrical or heat related tasks
14 : A sequence of organisms through which energy captured from sunlight by photosynthesis is transferred from one consumer to the next
16 An individual liable to be, or actually, consumed (killed) by a predator
17 Organisms (bacteria, fungi, heterotrophic protists) in ecosystems
2 a plant eater
3 Large, ecological unit composed of similar types of climax communities on a global scale
4 an animal that eats both plant and animal materials
5 The environment of an organism
6 Non-living; usually applied to the physical and chemical aspects of an organismís environment
8 Energy relationship among various feeding levels involved in a particular food chain
11 Of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms (of an ecosystem)
15 Representation of feeding relationships in a community that includes all the links revealed by dietary analysis
16 an animal that kills and eats other animals
18 The accumulation of seasonal weather patterns in an area over a long period of time.
19 a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association-a type of symbiosis
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