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Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

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Environmental Science

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Across Down
8 The preservation or efficient use of resources
9 All organisms of the same group or species
10 Species that are losing members at a rate that they will become endangered
11 The sources of pollution that cannot be traced to a single identifiable point
13 A species that has so few individuals left that it is in danger of extinction
16 An abandoned piece of commercial or industrial land that is contaminated by a hazardous substance
18 Uses two different sources to produce energy
19 All the individuals of a given species have died and disappeared from Earth
1 The role of a species in its community
2 The place in which an organism lives
3 Prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching Earth's surface
4 Groups of populations that interact with each other in the same area
5 Any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source
6 An area that, due to geography, weather patterns, and climate, shares the same air
7 The region draining into a river, river system, or other body of water
12 The part of the Earth that contains and supports living things
14 'living together' a mutually beneficial relationship
15 The relationships between the living community and the nonliving factors that affect it
17 Electricity produced through a chemical reaction usually Hydrogen and Oxygen
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