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Erosion And Deposition Crossword Puzzle

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Erosion and Deposition

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    10               11  
Across Down
4 mixture of various sizes of sediment deposited by a glacier
7 rapid downhill movement of soil loose rocks, and boulders
8 broad, C-shaped curve in a stream
9 downill movement of a large mass of rocks or soil because of gravity
10 moud or ridge of unsorted sediment deposited by a glacier
12 laying down or settling of eroded material
13 grinding away of rock or other surfaces as particles carried by wind, water, or ice scrape against them
14 removal of weathered material from one location to another
15 layered sediment deposited by streams of water that flowed from a melting glacier
1 large deposit of sediment that forms where a stream enters a large body of water
2 pile of angular rocks and sediment from a rockfall
3 large mass of ice that formed on land
5 crumbly, windblown deposit of silt and clay
6 pile of windblown sand
7 flows parallel to the shoreline
11 ongoing eent or erie of related events
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