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Ezekiel The Prophet Crossword Puzzle

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Ezekiel the Prophet

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Across Down
2 Israel would live forever in _____.
6 Ezekiel's message is found in the ____ of Ezekiel.
8 Ezekiel declared that the people had been __________ to God since the very beginning.
9 A sorrow that is expressed in the form of a poem.
10 God would shepherd the people back to their homes in the ________ land.
12 God would again choose Jerusalem as his ________ place.
13 Ezekiel described a ___ exodus and desert experience.
15 __________ and justice would prevail under the one true God.
17 Ezekiel had a ______ where the glory of God abandoned Jerusalem.
18 God would give Jerusalem a new name meaning ' The ____ is here.'
19 Ezekiel began to offer words of ____ and comfort to the people during the time of the exile.
20 God would purify those who remained ____ to him.
1 Ezekiel told the people that God had said 'I will give you a new heart and place a new ______ within you.'
3 Prophet who has a message similar to Jeremiah's.
4 God rejected Jerusalem and the ______ as his dwelling place.
5 Superstitions take away from the honor we should give the all-knowing and all-powerful ___.
7 The false belief that living creatures or things possess powers that they actually do not have.
11 Ezekiel was a ______ who carried out a twenty-year ministry.
14 Ezekiel told the people that they had ________ God by their actions.
15 Ezekiel was called to be God's _______ in 993 B.C
16 Ezekiel called the people back to God and condemned all forms of social injustice, ________, and superstition.
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