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Facts ON Buddhism Crossword Puzzle

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Facts on Buddhism

Read the hint solve the puzzle!

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Across Down
2 Another worshiped leader is a member of a religious community of woman
6 The other celebrates the spirits of ancestors
7 8 of 8 is... Focus your mind with practices such as meditation
9 2 of 8 is.. Live a life of selflessness,love,and nonviolence.
10 4 of 8 is... Do not kill,steal or lie. Be honest.
11 Brahmins predicted that prince siddhartha would be a...
12 6 of 8 is... Promote good actions and prevent evil actions
14 3 of 8 is... Be careful and truthful in what you say. Do not lie or gossip.
18 There are 8 things of the eightfold path one of them is... Develop a deep understanding of the four noble truths.
19 This worshiped leader is the most worshiped leader today and is still alive
20 7 of 8 is... Be aware of but not attached to you emotions,thoughts, and feelings.
21 or the brahmins predicted would be a great...
1 prince siddhartha's mother is...
3 prince siddhartha's father was...
4 Buddha's also something that rhymes with shine and Buddha's go in there to pray or meditate
5 ____ did not drink alcohol or drugs
7 5 of 8 is... Do not work at a job that causes harm to people or living creatures
8 where was prince siddhartha born
13 Buddha's worship something that rhymes with stupid sort of
15 What year was prince siddhartha born
16 There are 2 holidays for Buddhists one of them is the celebration of Buddha's Birth
17 The last worshiped leader is _____ it rhymes with monkey
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