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Feudal Japan Crossword Puzzle

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Feudal Japan

                    1       2   3                  
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          9 10                                      
          12                                       13
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Across Down
4 Asian peninsula near Japan
9 (1868) ____ ____ restored government power to the emperor
11 sudden governmental overthrow by persons in authority
12 US naval officer; opened trade
15 fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners
16 Hindu highest class
17 Chinese philosopher
18 first European visitors
19 Japanese warrior class
23 to kill a public official or other prominent person
1 Chinese northern province
2 code of conduct
3 shipwrecked person
5 Japanese girl trained to entertain as a singer, dancer or conversationalist
6 killing of a king
7 mythological first emperor
8 potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfer
10 person exempt from the legal jurisdiction of the country in which they reside
13 Chinese and Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism
14 country of Japanese imitation
20 island between Japan and Hawaii
21 regional rulers
22 person governing in place of a minor
24 death to preserve one's honor
25 military dictator
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