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Film And Television Crossword Puzzle

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Film and Television

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Across Down
4 The musical component of a movie's soundtrack, usually composed specifically for the film by a film composer
5 A screen direction rule that camera operators must follow - an imaginary line on one side of the axis of action is made
7 The lead or main character in a film; also known as hero/heroine
9 A microphone that is attached to a long pole
10 Literally, this 'putting on stage' includes decor, costume, colour, lighting, and placement of cameras, facial expressions and body language, location
11 Blue and Green screen are examples of this
13 The bad guy, or villain of a film
14 Small-scale models photographed to give the illusion that they are full-scale objects
18 A shot that shows the scene from a character viewpoint
19 The style by which shots and scenes are joined together and progress from one to the next
20 A structured series of events, linked by cause and effect, that provide the plot of a film; a film that tells a chronological or linear story (with a beginning, middle, and end)
22 An single image that is made up of two or more images or graphics
23 Refers to synchronisation between mouth movement and the words on the film's soundtrack
1 Any spoken lines in a film by an actor/actress
2 A transition between two scenes where the first merges gradually into the second
3 Literally the French word for 'author'
4 A script written that is to be produced as a movie
6 A shot that usually is the first shot in a scene. It is used to show the location where the next action will take place
8 A shot that frames the head and shoulders of a character
12 The movement of the camera from left to right or vice-versa from its axis
15 A medium or close-up camera shot of two people (often in dialogue with each other), framed from the chest up
16 A type of film. Certain archetypal patterns, such as the Western, the Gangster, the Science Fiction film, and the Detective Story
17 The script supervisor is in charge of this, making sure that details in one shot will match details in another
21 It refers to a transitional edit in which the audio and video edits do not start at the same time; the audio starts before the picture cut
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