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First Aid Crossword Puzzle

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First Aid

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Across Down
7 _____ consent: unspoken understanding that first aid may be given if no one who can give actual consent is conscious or present
8 a break or crack in a bone
9 the movement of a bone from its joint
11 ______ breathing: a way of breathing air into an unconscious victim
12 Cardiac ______: the death of the heart muscle
14 an injury to the ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue around a joint caused by undue stretching
15 Universal _____: a warning that a person has difficulty breathing
16 a wound produced when a pointed instrument pierces the skin
17 ______ laws: laws that protect people who give first aid
18 an injury in which the skin's surface is broken
20 medical identification tag that provides information about the person wearing it
23 an injury caused by heat, electricity, chemicals or radiation
24 _____ tooth: a tooth that has been knocked out of its socket
25 a wound in which damage to soft tissues and blood vessels causes bleeding under the skin
26 _____ burn: a burn that occurs when electricity travels through the body
29 an over stretching of muscles and/or tendons
30 a condition caused by a blocked or broken blood vessel in the brain
31 ____-degree brun: a burn that involves all layers of the skin and some underlying tissues
32 a dangerous reduction in blood flow to the body tissue
1 a cut caused by a sharp-edged object
2 immediate and temporary care
3 a cut that causes a jagged or irregular tearing of the skin
4 First-____ burn: a burn which affects the top layer of skin
5 _____ precautions: steps taken to prevent the spread of disease
6 the freezing of body parts
10 _____ resuscitation: a first aid technique that is used to restore heartbeat and breathing
13 an injury to the body's soft tissues
19 Actual ____: oral or written permission from a mentally competent adult to give first aid
21 a wound caused by rubbing or scraping away of the skin
22 _____ disease: a bacterial disease transmitted through a tick
27 ______ burn: a burn that occurs when chemicals in a laboratory or in products get on the skin or into the eyes or body
28 an emergency in which the airway is blocked
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