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First Aid Challenge Crossword Puzzle

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First Aid Challenge

Read the Clue and figure out the answer.

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Across Down
3 First thing to check for when finding a casualty.
4 Acronym for the treatment of shock
6 Condition which affects the airways - difficulty in breathing
9 Happens when a personís core temperature rises above 40C (104F).
11 Occurs when a personís normal body temperature 37C (98.6 F), drops below 35C (95 F).
12 What you use to prevent cross infection
13 Describes a blow to the head
14 Number of breaths to give after each cycle of chest compressions
15 Describes the outer layer of skin is burnt causing redness, tenderness and inflammation
19 Describes a rough tear of the skin
20 Describes bright red blood spurting from a wound in rythym with the heart beat
21 An alergic reaction by the human body to a substance
22 One of the three types of fracture
27 Checking for Response (acronym)
28 Treatment of soft tissue injuries ( acronym)
29 Number of compressions to give in the CPR cycle
30 A type of soft tissue injury
1 Position to place breathing unconscious casualty in
2 Name of the segmented bones that make up the spine
5 Acronym for recognition of a stroke
7 Device use for assessing and shocking casualties heart in VF
8 The (acronym) for contacting emergency services
10 The distance in metres to keep people away from a high voltage electrical source
13 Physical action of first aider to help circulate blood in unconsious non breathing casualty
16 What the primary survey consists of (acronym)
17 Colour of blood cells that transport oxygen via haemoglobin
18 Number of abdominal thrusts to give a choking adult
23 They hold moveable joints together
24 What you must ask the casualty for before commencing first aid.
25 They hold muscle to the bone
26 Condition wherby the body is unable to regulate glucose due to insulin levels
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