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First Aid Test Crossword Puzzle

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First Aid Test

                                        2   3        
                      6                             7
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                  20                                 21
                    23     24   25   26   27   28          
Across Down
9 major blood vessels in your neck
11 bleeding inside
14 a burn only on the top layer of skin
15 loss of a lot of blood in a short period of time
18 a layperson reconizing an emergency
19 applying pressure to a wound
20 breething for a nonbreething person
23 both layers of skin is burned & underlying tissues chared
29 a burn that is life threatening
1 a wound under unbroken skin
2 large blood vessels
3 care given to a injured person
4 holds your body up
5 coused by heat, chemical, eletricity, or radiation
6 both layers o skin burned characterized by red, wet skin & blisters
7 a bad situation needing action
8 when blood thickens at the wound
10 a pathway for air
12 a wound where the skin is broke open
13 a pad placed over the wound
14 covers the entire surface of the body
16 carry oxygen poor blood
17 controls all body functions
21 digging food from a persons neck
22 fibrous tissue used to create movement
24 air sacks for supplying oxygen & removing carbon dioxide
25 your pump
26 tiny blood vessels
27 sends impulses to & from the brain & body parts
28 a bundle of nerves in your back
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