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Flag Football Crossword Puzzle

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Flag Football

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Across Down
5 When a defensive player catches a pass intended for an offensive player.
6 When the offensive team reaches the endzone with the football.
8 The area of the field from the goal line to the end line and between the sidelines. This is where you go to score a touchdown.
9 Throwing the football to a receiver down the field. This must occur from behind the line of scrimmage.
11 The player who runs the offense and throws the ball.
12 When a player drops the football after they caught it. Any time this happens in flag football it is a down.
13 Throwing the football underhand to a receiver to the side of you or behing you. Can occur anywhere on the field.
16 Being on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage when the ball is hiked to the quarterback. OR moving past the line of scrimmage before the ball is hiked.
1 When the quarterback hands the running back the football
2 Moving the ball from the line of scrimmage to the quarterback. The center does this.
3 The player who hikes/passes the ball to the quarterback.
4 An imaginary line that separates the offensive from the defense. Where the play starts.
7 You get 4 of them. It starts with the snap from the center to the quarterback and ends when the ball is dead.
10 When the offense gets their flag pulled behing their own goal line.
14 When the defense crosses the line of scrimmage to go after the quarterback.
15 Drop kicking the football using the top of your foot.
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