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Food: Fuel OR Pleasure Crossword Puzzle

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Food: Fuel or Pleasure

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Across Down
1 meat cooked for a long time in liquid, usually with vegetables
7 plates, cups, dishes etc.
8 recently produced or picked, not frozen
9 food that people eat regularly
10 a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh; live in the sea but swim up the rivers to lay eggs
11 a plant with large green leaves that are eaten raw, especially in salads
13 knives, forks and spookns, used for serving and eating food
14 kept at a very low temperature in order to preserve it
17 a liquid food, often made of vegetables
18 sweet food made by bees
19 a round fruit with soft red and yellow skin, yellow flesh and a lrge rough seed inside
22 a shellfish with ten legs and a long tale that can be eaten; turns pink when cooked
2 food you buy from a restaurant to eat at home
3 a small mount of food which is served before the main meal
4 a small flat dry cake for one person, usually sweet
5 made from brown flour
6 the quantity you eat of a kind of food during a meal
10 fish and sea creatures that can be eaten, especially shellfish
12 food prepared in a particular way as a part of a meal
15 a piece of cloth or paper used at meals to protect your clothes and to clean your lips and fingers
16 a flat usually round dish on which you put food on
20 (of food) having a strong taste because spices have been used to flavour it
21 not cooked
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