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Food Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 This product chikens are giving to us?
5 Like it was approved, this sweet gives you happiness feeling, if you think about diet better to choose that one which contains 70% kakao?
7 This vegetable are the most healthy,it hold arround 70% water?
8 Halloween's symbol most popular?
9 Have good/have poison they grow in the wood?
11 Fruit which associated with minions?
13 Vegetable, white big head with loads of leaves arround?
16 Most delicious red berries which grow in the garden, also they grow in the wood they are smaller and are usually called wild berries?
18 This fruit are like a brother of apple ?
19 Made with lot of nice flavors,can drink in every meal?
20 Healty and the most favorit fruit,also have a simbol of most expensive phone model?
1 Fish with red meat?
2 Holand is the mother land of this product?
3 Berries which improve vision, if you use them regularly?
6 Product are taken from cow's?
8 From these are maked chips?
10 Favorit British flavor to eat with potatos?
12 Desert one of the pastries?
14 This is the rabbits favorite vegetable?
15 This berries become in raisins when you dry, also do vine from them?
17 From this red vegetable can do a very deliciously juice. Growing mainly in glass houses , because need high temperature to grow.
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