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Food Terminologies Crossword Puzzle

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Food Terminologies

Complete the crossword puzzle below

1   2   3                  
5         6                
          7           8    
10               11          
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20                 21   22    
Across Down
4 To mix thoroughly with a spoon
5 To cook gently just below the boiling point
7 To bind together liquid ingredients that do not dissolve into each other
9 To partially cook for a given amount of time in boiling water as a preliminary step
12 To restore by placing in water
14 To cook meats quickly on all sides over high heat to brown and seal in the juices
15 To remove bones from a fish, so that only the flesh remains
19 To add liquid to food, or an ingredient
20 To cut into very fine pieces
21 To sprinkle lightly before or after cooking with dry ingredients
23 To cook foods slowly in a specified amount of liquid in a covered pot or pan
1 An action used with processors and blenders
2 To remove an undesirable substance that forms on the top surface of a liquid, usually fat, foam or scum
3 eCut into squares, size of which is determined by the recipe, generally betwen 1/2 to 2-inches
4 To add moisture
6 To restore condensed or concentrated foods to their original strength with the addition of liquid, usually water
8 To gently separate into small pieces, usually with a fork or your fingers
10 To activate yeast, or other leavening agent, before using in a recipe
11 To cut, slice or tear into thin strips
13 To gently mix two or more ingredients together
16 To partially cook food
17 The process of working a dough to activate the gluten, which is the protein in flour that makes the dough cohesive
18 Literally means 'to jump'
20 To combine ingredients with a spoon or beaters until well incorporated
22 To heat milk or cream to a temperature just before it boils
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