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Football Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 These faithful people support their teams
5 A clean catch of the ball before it has touched the ground or been touched by other players
6 The grabbing of an opposition player in possession of the ball, in order to impede his progress or force him to dispose of the ball quickly
8 What is the name of the medal awarded to the best & fairest player during the season
12 What is the name of the line which defines the field of play in a football game
14 This teams colours are brown and yellow
15 The jersey worn by players
17 What is the name of the medal awarded to the Best & Fairest player
18 This teams colours are black and white
20 What is the name given to a sport which involves mainly kicking a ball?
21 What type of shoes do AFL footballers wear?
22 What is the title of the person in charge of the daily administration of the team?
24 Who was known as the 'Flying Doormat'?
25 This teams colours are red and blue
29 What does a team get when the ball has been kicked between the two tallest posts untouched
30 The 'mock' award said to be received by the team that finished last on the ladder at the end of the season
31 The ground on which an AFL game is played
32 This is awarded to the winner of the Grand Final
36 A player who roams and plays within the midfield
38 The umpires blow on this instrument to make a sound to signal what is happening during the game
39 How many points are awarded to a team when they kick a behind?
40 This teams colours are red, white and black
41 This teams colours are navy blue and white.
42 This item is sometimes worn by a team to commemorate a death or tragic event
1 A period of play that each game is divided into of equal length lasting 20 minutes
2 The title given to a player to lead a team
4 Short term for a 'spectacular mark' ie leaping onto another player's back to take a high mark
7 Which famous football player lost his father (who was also a famous player) in World War II
9 The state of a player who has been refused permission to play by a tribunal for a period of time
10 A loud noise that signals the start and end of each quarter
11 A term given that lists the teams in order of their wins, draws & losses
13 What is the name of the person who trains a team?
15 In 1902 what was staged at the MCG for the first time
16 Prior to 1986, what was the name of the Sydney Swans?
19 What is the acronym for the Australian Football League
23 The term that describes the duration of a competition
26 The officials who preside over a match
27 The end of all four quarters of the game
28 This teams colours are red and black
33 The long break between the second and third quarters
34 The street procession on Grand Final eve where fans can cheer the players
35 A legal disposal of the ball by the foot
37 What is the name of the Doctor that bought the South Melbourne club and moved them to Sydney (Dr Geoffrey ?)
38 What is the acronym for Wives and Girlfriends of high profile sportsmen?
43 A club official whose job is to run on the ground to give
44 Where does a player go when he is taken off the field to have a rest or because the coach is not happy with his game?
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