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Foundations OF American Government Crossword Puzzle

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Foundations of American Government

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5 A group of London merchant, who founded Jamestown in 1607.
6 Pattern of trade that developed in Colonial times among the Americas, Africa, and Europe.
8 Those who opposed ratification of constitution.
9 Signed by Pilgrims in 1620, stands as the first example of many colonist plans for self-government. Colonists thought they needed rule, so they signed this agreement on the rules.
10 Investors provide partial ownership in a company organized for profit.
11 (1743- 1826) He wrote Declaration of Independence because he wanted independence from Britain. He also was the third president of the United States, in 1801- 1809.
12 Publisher of New York Weekly Journal, who was arrested for criticizing the governor of New York. This led to the right of Freedom of Press.
13 Nathaniel Bacon rebelled and this showed that many settlers were not willing to be restricted by government policy. He rebelled because he strongly disagreed with the government's policy and he led the attacks on the government.
16 An agreement among people in a society with a government.
18 The first representative assembly, or legislature in the English colonies.
1 Around 1760, he took the British throne. He adopted a theory called Mercantilism. This led the American colonies to be treated unfairly, so the Americans soon declared themselves free of his rule.
2 The theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys.
3 'Great Charter' is another name for this. King had to sign this. It limited power of monarchs. It also protected nobles privileges and authority. Also it granted certain rules to landholders.
4 An organization formed to oppose the stamp act.
5 The first House of Burgesses which was in Jamestown, Virginia.
7 The first permanent English settlement in North America. It can now be found in Virginia.
14 Freedoms people possess relating to life, liberty, and property.
15 The Africans horrendous journey across the Atlantic Ocean.
17 American colonist in January 1776, inspired many by publishing, Common Sense. He wanted complete independence from Britain.
19 A form of government in which power is divided between the federal or national, government and the states.
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