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French Foods Crossword Puzzle Answer

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French Foods

                  J           L        
                  U         R I Z      
                  S       D   M        
                  P       A   O   P    
                  O       N   N   O    
        C         M       A   A   I    
C       H         M       N   D   S    
O   L   I   C   L E A U G A Z E U S E  
L E A U P L A T E         S       O    
A   I   S   F   A                 N    
    T         J U S D O R A N G E      
        S       D                      
      D E S L G U M E S                
        L       R                 P    
            C H O C O L A T       O    
                B         H       I    
          L A V I A N D E         V    
                N           F     R    
              L E A U M I N R A L E    
                T           I   A      
                            T   P A I N
                            E   I      
                            S   Z      
Across Down
3 seed that is used for food and gives good nourishment
10 water that fizzes
11 a liquid that is necessary for a healthy life
12 A juice created by oranges
14 found in the produce section of a grocery store
16 processed cacoa treat
18 the flesh of an animal
20 water with mineral salts or gases
22 food made from dough that is raised with yeast then baked
1 Juice created by apples
2 sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice
4 A yellow fruit
5 A dish that is caught in the ocean then cooked on a pan or in the oven
6 crunchy snack option
7 carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts
8 a white nutritious liquid created by a certain mammal
9 A beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans
10 water directly from a tap
13 A garnish that gives meals a salty flavour.
15 A garnish that gives meal a pepper flavour
17 a beverage made from leaves
19 potato cut finely and then deep fried.
21 Common Italian dish topped with tomato paste, cheese and other ingredients
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