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From 1945-1965 Crossword Puzzle

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From 1945-1965

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Across Down
6 Allen Dulles, CIA director, and John Foster Dulles took over the Guatemalan government.
8 Second wartime meeting held by Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt to make the plan in which they demanded Germany's surrender and plans for post war.
9 Supreme Court Case declaring public schools who segregated blacks and whites unconstitutional.
10 Third and final meeting held by Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Harry S. Truman, were they agreed to demand surrender from Japan, and post war Europe and the control over Germany.
11 President Harry S. Truman's Doctrine to prevent communist domination, also the official declaration of the Cold War.
13 Senator Joseph McCarthy held hearings of anyone thought to be a communist.
14 Ended segregation in public places, banned discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, or national origin.
17 U.S. policy to prevent communism from spreading.
1 Name given to the boundary dividing Europe into two separate parts at the end of WWII.
2 American plan to help Western Europe money or help to rebuild after WWII.
3 North Atlantic Treaty Organization established during communist expansion in order to be against it.
4 Communist North of Korea crossed the 38th parallel boundary to invade the democratic Korea. American Troops joined South Korea.
5 Martin Luther King Jr. famous speech in honor of his peaceful protests and fight for equal rights.
7 Doctrine during the Cold War that promised military or economic aid to any Middle Eastern country resisting communist rule.
12 The Soviet Union and communist nations founded this group against the NATO.
15 The Soviet Union launched a satellite and began the Space Race.
16 A state of political and military tension after WWII, mostly due to communism.
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