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Fruit Crossword Puzzle

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AlL aBoUt FrUiT

                            3     4         5          
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Across Down
6 ======== buns
8 Big version of mandarine
10 I do not like this fruit and it has the word honey in it
11 Minions favorite fruit
14 Sometimes sweet sometimes sour and it is blue
15 Outside brown inside green
16 Has the word boy and it is a ice cream flavor.
17 Lorenzo grows this at his farm and it is purple
19 Sour and black
20 Purple outside orange inside
22 Has the word dragon in it
24 Red everywhere
27 Sour
29 Sweet and yellow and yellow and has black dots in the inside.
31 Found on islands
32 Sometimes red sometimes green
33 Sour and yellow
34 A green stick holds them
35 My favorite fruit
36 Spiky.
1 Lava ===== it is a plant from plants vs zombies 2
2 Sometimes white sometimes orange
3 Starts with goose
4 Lorenzo loves this fruit
5 Red and sometimes sour sometimes sweet
7 Small version of orange
9 Outside green inside white
12 Very common and it is red but the inside is white and really really popular.
13 Stinky
16 Apple and this fruit make this juice
18 Looks like a apple but it is not an apple and not much people know this is a fruit
21 What is this fruit 🍓
23 Sour and pink
25 Big brown sphere in the middle
26 Small and pink
28 Lorenzo found one at the fairy dale and small and green and starts with the letter f and end with a g
30 In plants vs zombies it is called A.K.E.E
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