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Gender IN Islam Crossword Puzzle

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Gender in Islam

Across Down
1 In 1979, Muslim women in Iran wore the hijab as a demonstration of resistance against western cultural encroachment made possible by whom?
2 The problem with many western criticisms of female power in Islam is that it leads to ______ statements that may or may not be appropriate based on the cultural and socio-political context.
3 The hijab has been worn to show resistance to perceived western ________.
4 Who demonstrated hypocrisy in encouraging the unveiling of women in Egypt in the name of women’s rights while also serving as president of the men’s league for opposing women’s suffrage in Britain?
5 “It includes a critical awareness of the structural marginalization of women in society and engaging in activities directed at transforming gender power relations.”
6 While European colonialists were trying to “civilize” the oppressive East, women in their own country were battling for_____.
8 The problem with the prescriptive colonial mindset of some western feminists is that it sees the narrow scope of “first-world, white, middle class women” (151) as ______.
9 Many Muslim men and women believe the word “feminism” is tained because it carries with it many Western ____.
10 Muslim women wear the ____ for a multitude of reasons, such as a demonstration of resistance, empowerment, or religion.
1 Feminism that is grown from the needs of women of color, particularly in more poverty-stricken areas.
7 The word “feminist” can be rejected due to it’s association with the ______ mindset of some feminists.
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